Internasjonale prosjekter

In cold winters we experience frost heave problems on both newly constructed and existing roads
and railways. This accelerates deterioration and reduces the bearing capacity of the structures
during spring time, and consequently increases maintenance costs.

Since the large research program "Frost i Jord" ended about 40 years ago, very little research
has been done in Norway on this problem. Since then, used materials have changed from the
well graded natural gravel to more coarse and openly graded crushed/blasted rock. There is no
good understanding of the equivalent thermal conductivity of these materials including internal
convection and radiation. Existing frost susceptibility criteria for soils and coarse material are
mainly based on grain size distribution and allowable fines content. However, the mineralogy of the
fines is also an important factor to consider.
In this project we plan to investigate materials in the laboratory and field conditions, and build
a numerical model to simulate different climate conditions, thickness of structures and material
We will focus on frost susceptibility of subgrade soils and pavement materials and make an
assessment of the frost protection layer.
The project is supported from the Norwegian road and railway administrations. We plan to have a
steering group with representatives from both organizations as well as one representative from the
Canadian Ministry of Transportation.

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